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Plans Starting from $50-$70 (1)

Plans up to 1 Gbps

No Data Caps / Limits
No Hidden Charges

No Locked-In Contract
30-Day Guarantee


Low Latency. You can expect latency to be both low and steady which is the foundation of a good connection, especially important for Zoom and VOIP.

Near Symmetrical. Download and upload capacities are both important - we do not trade one for the other.

Managed WIFI. Our installations include a high-end WIFI Router that we manage for you so that you do not have to figure out complicated network settings.

Privacy and Security. Our network is designed from its foundation to ensure your Internet connection is private and highly secure.

Innovative Approach. Our unique network design and deployment are based on novel UC Berkeley Ph.D research.


Call, Text, or Email. Reach us in whatever method is most convenient 707-278-8899 .

Local. Our support and field teams live and work on the coast and are part of the communities we serve.

Deep Support. While most providers’ support ends at your front door, we provide support for your whole network.

We are experts at designing, installing, and supporting your needs ranging from small apartments to campus-wide WIFI networks.

We can assist with VPNs, Static IPs, Surveillance, Backup Power, and many other IT projects.


Our network is designed (at great expense) with redundancy and hardening to make your connection more reliable than any other available provider.

Self Healing Mesh Network. Each network relay has multiple pathways. If one goes down, there are other pathways to keep your connection alive.

Power Redundancy. We have state-of-the-art LifePO4 backup power infrastructure at all core relay sites that will power our network in the event of a PGE outage or PSPS. We have generators, fuel, staff, and procedures that will allow us to power the core network for many days without utility power.

Multiple Fiber Uplinks and Providers. We do not rely on one upstream provider. We have multiple redundant fiber links from multiple providers - if one goes down we shift traffic to the others.


Access For All. We believe that connectivity is a right, not a privilege - we are committed to providing service to everyone in our service area, not just those areas that are commercially attractive. No Cherry Picking.

Financial Aid. We provide discounted service to those that are financially disadvantaged and free service to scores of local nonprofits and community service organizations. We provide free hotspots in many downtown locations.

Redwood Towers. To protect the natural beauty of the coast, we have pioneered the use of redwoods/firs as an alternative to erecting communication towers.

Low Power & EMF. Our gear is highly directional and low power which means, unlike cell towers, signals from our equipment are virtually undetectable.

Net Neutrality. We provide pure, unadulterated, and unfiltered Internet. No back-office deals or throttling traffic.

100% Open Source. We are acting locally and thinking globally - we develop novel software to run our operation and donate it to the open-source community to use for free. We aim to help advance broadband access worldwide.

(1) See our Frequently Asked Questions for more detail.

Call or Email if you have any questions.

We are locally owned and operated in
Manchester, California


  • Julie Bower

    Point Arena

    "WOW! Point Arena has free/open wifi downtown and as of moments ago, the signal is accessible in the library, too. It's SO FAST!"

  • Walt Rush

    Irish Beach

    "In all the providers of internet connections I have had there is no one who really cares about us the way this group does. Trying their hardest to keep customers from other internet providers from being forced into the dark. This will mean faster and more powerful connections for our schools and Library (at no cost). Our children will be further educated by the internet to be able to further their studies."

  • Gary Levenson-Palmer

    Irish Beach

    "Economically, having this internet service will allow more cottage/home business for flourish here on the coast. We want these local clean energy businesses here, and Further Reach will allow these businesses to grow and prosper. I suspect more people will look to the South Coast to live and start businesses when they see we have reliable and super fast internet."